The surgeon, Dr. Mark Klaassen, did a marvelous job on my partial knee (right). After 6 weeks what a positive difference in pain. Much less pain. The staff were terrific and very helpful as well as knowledgeable. OSMC is a fabulous place to have your knee surgery done. “All these medical people care about patients here”and all of them have PATIENCE with us ornery PATIENTS. Thank you Dr. Klaassen and thank you team!

“So far, so good.”

“I know I can trust Dr. Klaassen and his team to make the best decisions for my health needs. This is the fourth replacement he has done for me and I am pleased with them all.”

“I felt very comfortable asking the doctor anything especially of expectations afterwards.”

“The further I went through recovery, the more I cane to appreciate the caring of the surgical staff”

“Dr. Klassen and Rosemary are very caring and helpful. Haven’t had much experience with the rest of the team.”

“When I had questions or concerns, they responded in timely fashion. Their answers were clear and concise to the questions I raised.”

“Always willing to listen and to respond to questions.”

“I felt the Dr. and the team worked together well to make sure I know what to expect, and and what was expected of me.”

“Polite and encouraging.”