October 12, 2022, OSMC’s Dr. Mark Klaassen is on a mission trip with a team of surgeons from around the U.S. Team Hope In Motion is a volunteer medical humanitarian organization that provides the gift of mobility through life-changing joint replacement surgeries at no cost to those in need in Guatemala. Enjoy some of the photos. Learn more about the organization and read the trip’s daily blog post here: https://teamhopeinmotion.org/

Oxford Advanced Partial Knee instructional course FDA required. Nashville TN, September 2022

A note from a past student at N.D., Madeline Owen:

Knee Replacement Choices


Anterior (Front) Approach to Hip Surgery

Dr Klaassen joined other experts in preparing research entitled:  “Clinical Expectations for Cementless Partial Knee Replacements”

Abstract:  Partial knee arthroplasty has a long and successful clinical history in treating patients with unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Due to improvements in the reliability and repeatability of clinical results, as well as the continued growth of the outpatient surgery center, partial knees have made a resurgence.

Furthermore, with recent advances in materials, manufacturing, and technology innovation, cementless partial knees are expanding on the global market; and have been identified as a means for treating a younger, more active patient population. Although still relatively new to the US, cementless partial knees have been in clinical use in Europe for nearly 20 years. Over this period, a significant amount of clinical research has been conducted and as a user of cementless partial knees, it is particularly important to understand the similarities and differences between these and their cemented counterparts.

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May 2021


Chicago — Dr. Klaassen led training & technique development classes for surgeons. Click the image to see in larger format.

Dr. K – April 2021

Training those around the globe. Click on the image to enlarge it and see the details.


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